Ornamatics [1/2]: W*Tile

May 26th, 2011, architecture

Course tutors: Jack Breen, Martijn Stellingwerff, Robert Nottrot

Project focused on the formal exploration of ornament and tiling, mainly based on the formal language derived from the wetgrid experiments.

The projects explores the possibility of creating a structurally sound three dimensional lattice which can present multiple stacking and tiling possibilities. This results in several possible variations which can form different patterns with different porosity qualities.

Fabrication-wise, the W*TILE is meant to be cast (mold-injection) into a flexible plastic resin which would allow for flexibility outside its original plane, thus allowing for the creation of different curvature shapes.

The aesthetic of the tiling configurations reminds of an intricate late-gothic visage (above). 3d prints of the models (below).

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