[GH] 3D Voronoi for Grasshopper Update

June 2nd, 2011, code

Some time ago, Han Feng of Hyperbody [hyperbody.nl / makeahybrid.org] did a really great job and modified the old 3d voronoi grasshopper definition and made it much more sleek and streamlined. In all good faith, here it is: http://improved.ro/wp/wp-content/uploads/improved//2011/06/110602-3D_voronoi.zip.

To make it work, you need to download qhull. Get it here: http://qhull.org/. After you install it, double click the scripting component and edit the path to your qhull folder (line 101). If things do not work, take care to unblock (right click and fiddle with the permissions) the qhull execs (sometimes window$ blocks them).

Nevertheless, please take your time and read this or/and this article as an exercise in self-critique (especially the first one). Maybe you’ll change your final presentation discourse a bit.

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I tried to install qhull, downloaded from qhull.org, but when i ran ghull-go, it shows and error saying version not compatible, i am using windows 7 x64, is there some other version for 64 bit systems??

hi dimitrie!!!

how can i use the your qhull component to calculate the qhull or qconvex or delunay, etc?

I tried to change the extension name but it does not work.

Could you help in specially with 3d convex hull?

Hi Dimitrie

I really enjoy your site. Anyway I am having problems with ur voronoi3d definition. the qhull component gives a runtime error which says error: access is denied (line: 0). qhull is installed correctly and I have changed the path details in the components source code. Any help that you could provide would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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