Swarm Behaviours Workshop Material

October 28th, 2011, code, teaching

Recently I’ve tutored a Processing workshop for the Hyperbody department at the TU Delft. I’ve decided to share the sketches with the open world – who knows, maybe someone will find them useful. There’s quite a few variations included – clustering, attractors, collision avoidance, etc. Read below for the download link and some screens of some of the sketches.

Here’s a .zip file containing everything – including some Grasshopper sketches which allow for some basic interchange between Rhino and Processing via standard text files.

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hi very thanks

is hard to find boy like you in net !!!
where all is against culture

we all like to understand

Hi I am having some trouble using this. A few of the processing I am able to access but the rhino and ghopper seem to be old/ the C# is red; also the hyerbody processing and experiments wont run…any advice what people did to make them work?

Well, regarding processing: check you have the libs installed. In the case of peasycam, please delete all import peasycam.*…. statements from the top and then re-reference the library from the processing menu…
Regarding the gh files, can you please send me by email a screenshot with the definition in which i can see the error messages (or just write them down…).


wow this is amazing, thanks a lot for sharing the definitions.
is there a way to control the amount of the flocks?
especially for the processing-sketch “attractors – _00_2D_swarming_LO_ST_AT”

thanks :)

check the setup() function. don’t have the code under my eyes now, but from what i remember you can quite easily define a flock, its color and its individual parameters (the tree main flocking rules, plus max speed, max turn rate, color, etc). send me an email if things get out of control :)


Thanks for sharing!
I am trying to open the file name”swarm_hbody_notrace”. And yet I have a problem loading the file though, regarding the “peasy” package….The error message is following:

The package “peasy” does not exist. You might be missing a library.

No library found for peasy.test
No library found for peasy.org.apache.commons.math
No library found for peasy
No library found for peasy.org.apache.common.math.geometry
As of release 1.0, libraries must be installed in a folder named ‘libraries’ inside the sketchbook folder

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