AMS: Bridge

March 28th, 2012, architecture

Project Team: Mariana Popescu, Mihaela Radescu, Ovidiu Stanciu, Dimitrie Stefanescu

The competition’s assignment was calling for an iconic bridge over the Amstel river in front of the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam. Out of a contextual analysis, we derived our priorities as being the expansion of the public space in front of the museum by speculating the most prominent local assets present of the river, namely the house boats. The iconic nature of the project is seen as an emergent feature resulting from both the geometry of the bridge as well as the socially enabled functional potential.

We see Amsterdam as a city of differences at a small scale which emphasize its local realm. Houseboats represent a specific way of living which could better highlight the local and embed a fruitful cultural echange between the visitors and Amsterdam’s way of living.

Sustainability is a rather over-used word in relation with materials, energy harvesting, etc.. Our approach focuses on social sustainability, by which we refer to an intensification of the interactions between locals and tourists. The bridge acts as a vibrant cultural environment from which both public and private actors can benefit.

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Usually bridges are one unique path which crosses the obstacle of the water. You don’t have pretty much choice other than the linear trajectory which the bridge proposes and, moreover, the water beneath your feet is kinda of a mere inconvenience that you are trying to overcome.
What I like of your project is this latent invitation of getting a bit lost, pleasantly leaning while being suspended on the water, enjoying the process even more than the final destination.
The only thing I miss are dolphins.

Cleme, lyrical as always! Next time, we shall have dolphins – i think they would be quite an asset to amsterdam’s canals.

Thanks for your words! You summed up our project much better than we were able to!

Dim dim.

Didn’t expect anything less,you respect the enviroment ,the history and at the same time you create something modern.

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