Mass Customized Branding

December 7th, 2012, serendipity

The logo is actually a very simple processing sketch (processing.js, to be more exact). The shape is based on a icosahedron whose vertexes constantly move around trying to find themselves in euclidean space. Colors are chosen randomly from three hard-coded palettes (grabbed from adobe kuler). Events are generated randomly every few milliseconds, and they can be either extra deformations, a palette change, or a reset. If you click it you get some extra magic, namely a little bit of scaling (which is a bit against usability standards since it should take you to the home page). Here’s more variations:

I want to take this experiment a bit further, when I’ll have the time: a lot of things can be done. Call it “mass-customized” branding, if you want. Thinking of dropping it in my email signature. Hehe…

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Very nice! You should start a website showing what can be done with this concept of customizable logo…
I wonder which one you would choose for your business card :) How did you post the processing sketch on your blog ? I might copy you!

Hey Arthur! To get processing sketches run on *modern* web browsers (think firefox and chrome for webgl/3d stuff, like the little thing there) it’s quite easy now, without java. Everything is web-ready without too many hassles. See processing.js! -edit- just realized i need to change some css for the link selectors. you can’t see them, pff. that’s a design flop.

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