Makerbot Fun

December 7th, 2012, serendipity

Recently we’re having quite some fun* in the seminar with DYI 3d printing. The machine is hectic, unpredictable at times and has a number of quirks that need to be worked around. Other than that, hey – it’s cheap and it’s great.

All images © Some me, and most of them the students from the seminar:

Patrick Widera, Sven Muller, Michael Troka, Andrea Lobbia, Mike Oberste-Brink, Alexander Schotten, Lena Schrade, Marco Fitztmann, Markus Bernhard, Thomas Cappellaro, Sarah Behrens, Lena Andratschke, Ann-Kathrin Kohl, Maximilian Juenghug, Luisa Prill, Nina Kalkowski, Ina Westheiden, Maristella Trovanelli.

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