November 18th, 2007,


d/a/s  is Dimitrie A. Stefanescu, a young architect specializing in computational design.

My direct interest is in matching the flexibility of the business environment with the architectural ideation process by intelligently using the digital medium.

Previously he was seen hanging around in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He has graduated from the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture (2010-2012, MSc) following his initial 4 years of study at IAIM, Bucharest (2006-2010, BSc eq). He has taught workshops and lectured throughout architectural schools in Europe (TU Delft, BUT Brno, TU Berlin, HTWK Leipzig, CET Cluj, IAIM Bucharest) mainly on topics related to computational design and digital fabrication, tackling both practice as well as theory. He has also published several articles in magazines internationally (PLAT, Horizonte, Arhitectura).

His architectural endeavors relate to the meaningful speculative realm that balances strong theoretical concepts, geometry and realistic constraints in a vibrant architectural vision that neither underestimates the digital but neither glorifies in it. More so, his primary goal is to explicitly formalize and conceptualize the forgotten union between Nature and Culture in architectural terms.

This website is eco-hosted by ecobytes. I owe them a lot.